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it may be dennis the menace, but that sure as hell don't look like him. it looks like an everyday pair of people, and the mischief isn't as bad. it's too simplistic, and not edgey enough. not bad if you want to view it once.

not a jar of clay

but a jar on his head, and the crotch shot, and the eyeball! omg! the dude in the car sounded like a special ed class, added to the humor definetely!

holy pipe-crap

a sonic quickie! true. what does it hold in store? somethin f'in hilarious if you watch it. if you don't, you're stupid to not watch!

fun review

was a fun flash to watch too... hey it's fun to make fun of teachers... especially the ones that really don't educate you that much. i loved the work. keep it up!


very interesting take, but it doesn't fully grab my mind's capacity for entertainment. the flat tire was pretty cool though and the idea of the city fending for themselves would have been a riot if elaborated on. otherwise, nice job on the flash.

one line

interesting. funny how he freaks out. got any more added to this? it'd be interesting enough to see this in a full length feature. this looks to be a sample though. but then if she's askin for sweet love, how is that scary? you could make her a man and him a woman and totally twist it around.

one line summary

this entry... is not that good honestly. some improvment maybe would help boost the rating or would help boost your audience. otherwise, this isn't that impressionable to me.

not too bad

it's definetely some good work, with a very odd twist of things. i didn't laugh as much, but it was definetely good.

really really amazing animation

for a 6MB flash file, it's definetely worth the watch, even if ya don't get it. i get the idea of the tribute well now, after watching it all and collecting in my mind. very very awesome animation and very awesome visual of the cycle of life.

dungeons are deathly funny

so are dragons but hey, that was some hilarious s***. though i didn't laugh out loud, i will in the morning. the gym teacher reference rules. it's the truth!

a musician from Portland OR. i've been absent for so long from NG, that i feel it's time to come back and really get associated with the community at large. I make music, so if you need some, I might be the guy to go to.

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