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very creative spin

i took a run through on this and found it actually quite interesting. even though it's not retro studios quality, but indeed the game i feel can be a bit addicting since metroid prime was severely addictive. i may wind up shorting my mouse out at some point on my spare time if i keep playing this. easy definitely if you are new to this for other readers. and thanks for propping the cover i did. i put a link up to this submission on another website of mine, so you will be getting more viewers for this submission, i'm sure. a creative story, and creative method of play. if anyone is a fan of metroid prime or metroid in general and wants to try something new and independent, i'd suggest this.

the mac

when i viewed this, it was all about the mac, dude. if i had a computer virus in my uterus, that'd be somethin'. but not that bad. i may watch it again tonight.

very trippy for an etch-a-sketch flash

5 different shapes or models to use on a black backdrop, in the essence of an etch-a-sketch. this is definetely a trip. recommend for people who like visual trips on drugs... get a sober buddy and get close to the screen and go haywire. guaranteed enjoyment even from short to long period of time.

blamp-arf responds:

there are more creative ways to use this then there were ideas to make it

not too bad

some of it is complicating, like how a final move could be made. you have to utilize methods to defeat the current level. very interesting and yet very difficult for a first few tries through, but a nice concept for a flash game!

quite a rough one...

very enjoyable... makes your heart race, but god it's difficult. you have to be like speedy gonzalez to keep from losing. still enjoyable though. good work.

a musician from Portland OR. i've been absent for so long from NG, that i feel it's time to come back and really get associated with the community at large. I make music, so if you need some, I might be the guy to go to.

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