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indeed a trippy 8-bit of gato

ironically that does seem to sound a lot like what gato's theme would be if it were on the old NES. a perfect idea with a perfect nostalgic feel. though i do rate high, i would say adding a couple of minor things, like extra percussive effects where applicable would kick it up a notch for the fun factor, but otherwise, it's pretty awesome.

as well thanks for checking what i did out. i bookmarked your uploads so i can check the rest of them out within the next 48 hours.

review: action game loop

yeah i'd probably say so too. if you have more elaboration on the production of this, upload that. if this is just a sample, or an idea, it's not that bad. but i'm sure you have more behind it or are workin on it.

babascots responds:

i wish it was just a sample...i only have a sample of FL studio so i cant save i can only export otherwise i would made really good songs....it sucks

kickin' it

i just previewed the stream. for an industrial post, that's totally good! kind of in a slight way makes me think of games like Goldeneye 007, with a mix of the underground influence.

from original to revamp

i noticed in the intro that it wasn't recognizable, but slowly drifting in, it settled in. did you happen to take out instruments and build it up? if so, awesome job on it! i'm gonna download this to my computer or upload it to my FTP so I can put it in my studio computer when I return home!

Chronamut responds:


I think this song sghould be improved by me now tho.

glad you liked it!


rock it!

i totally dig this. a classic turned into something twisted yet melodic, still intact with it's original. definetely recommendation for listeners.

Stage3-1 responds:

Thank you. You described exactly what I try to do, stick with the original but make it my own in some way.

a musician from Portland OR. i've been absent for so long from NG, that i feel it's time to come back and really get associated with the community at large. I make music, so if you need some, I might be the guy to go to.

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