Return from absence

2010-07-13 01:07:59 by ArcaneAddiction

i've been gone for so long that i've lost touch with myself a bit through times of writing material on and off, and joining a band that ironically one year after i joined, i am quitting, to get back to my roots and work with other people on my own terms and schedule.

since i'm currently working on my next project, which i am assuming at this point is going to be completed by december 2010, i might as well get back to being creative and trying to do stuff with people.

during my time i left, i also got 2 messages in my inbox, one which i was kind of surprised and should've responded to sooner.

the other was simply asking me for my software so someone could make beats. most of my stuff is freeware or royalty-free samples and free VSTi's, so you should be able to find your own stuff on your own. i support big name companies like Avid/DigiDesign and Cakewalk and Cubase, and plan to eventually submit some ideas to Line 6 having worked with their hardware/software long enough, at some point at least.

all in all, i think i'm back for good, with minor disappearances between a week and 4 weeks or so.

all i can say is, it's ironic i've been on this site since like 2004 or so, and i should be back on here more often because i was doing a lot more when i was on here at times.

as well, if anyone is seeking out something, i have a lot of existing material online and stuff that has yet to be uploaded or see a public release. new works are going on right now, and i should have a more solid ability to do fresh things after i return from Hawaii on august 5th, as i will be taking a vacation for a week and am going to have my birthday on Maui this year with my best friend, who'll also be having her birthday on Maui at the same time.

so, i leave you with that.